Strategic Work Plan 2021/2025

Strategic Focus

The body of this plan is organized into six  (6) Strategic Goals that represent the fundamental dimensions of Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) and twelve (12) Transformation Initiatives that are derived from CEJ 4 work focus areas namely;

1. Sustainable Energy
2. Extractive Industries
3. Environmental Protection
4. Climate Change Policy
5. Sustainable Livelihoods
6. Water Security
The Goals and Initiatives articulate in the body of the plan are illuminated by specific Objectives and recommended supporting actions.

Mweemba Chiefdom: A child Drawing water from a nearby stream in Maamba Town, Southern Province

Overall Goals

1. Sustainable Alternative Energy Overall Goal: To promote innovative energy technologies, citizen energy justice and security, community access to renewable energy and civil society/private sector participation in the renewable energy agenda and monitor energy investment with emphasis on implementation of the Zambia Action Agenda(AA) and Investment Prospectus(IP).

2. Extractive Industries Overall Goal: To promote accountability and transparency in Extractive Industries governance; community mineral benefit, engagement and participation; and Corporate Social and environmental responsibility at community, district, national and international level.

3. Environmental Protection Overall Goal: To promote and contribute to protected area governance systems that are inclusive, empowering, equitable and responsive to shifting realities in order to enhance the contribution of PA’s to livelihoods, forest resource and biodiversity conservation for and by current and future generations.

4. Climate Change Policy Overall Goal:  To promote the implementation of the Climate Change policy and monitor the achievements of the National Determined Contributions towards the realization of the Climate Justice.

5. Sustainable alternative livelihoods Overall Goal:  To achieve food security and better livelihoods in the agricultural sector and ecosystems need to remain in a productive state; resulting in sustainable agricultural productivity, and building resilience to climate change.

6. Water Security Overall Goal:  To promote mining communities water rights and access to safe clean water for domestic use, livestock and agriculture to enable sustainable development and improvement of livelihoods.